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Provenance and seasonality are at the heart of every dish we create. We work to select the finest, local ingredients so that flavour becomes the focus of each plate. We work with local butchers and only use high welfare and free range meat in all of our dishes and the highest quality fruit and veg. At Served, we consider where each and every component of your meal has come from, select only what's in season, and make sure each ingredient has been cared for from the start. That means you'll be eating the tastiest of produce at its prime, and all without unnecessary food miles. Better for your tastebuds, and better for our planet.



We care about the planet and are fully committed to being an environmentally conscious kitchen. We are constantly reevaluating our methods to ensure everything we do at Served is low impact as possible. We ensure we source what we can locally and strive to use suppliers and farmers who use socially responsible systems. Whilst we aim to eliminate disposable packaging altogether and monitor ways in which it becomes more efficient, almost all of what we use can be washed and recycled at home - please check local guidelines for more information.


about us

Served was founded by Izzie French in 2020 from her kitchen in Brockley. Having trained at Leith’s School of Food and Wine, her passion for great, uncomplicated, seasonal cooking was sparked from her experience working in the industry as well as a love for long, lazy lunches with family and friends. It was around her own dining table that Izzie discovered the impact of sharing good, honest food with others. When she took away the stress of planning, cooking and preparing food, her guests were able to focus on what really mattered. So, in 2020 Served was born. It's aim? To give you the chance to enjoy and share delicious food and great conversation - all in the relaxed setting of your own home.